Crafting An Essay About The World Without Technology

The human civilization is so dependent on technology that it has become absolutely inseparable from our life. Most of its aspects would be simply impossible or really hard if we didn’t have a wide range of advanced technologies and innovations. If you are crafting an essay about the world without technology, you can write about virtually anything as finding a sphere of our life which is not influenced by a single technology is next to impossible. However, a successful paper does not only depend on its topic. You need to be able to conform to some general standards as well as the requirements set up by your teacher.

Preparation for Writing

The first thing to keep in mind before starting your essay about the world without technology is an understanding of the assignment. In order to understand how your writing should look like, be sure to read the writing prompts and the details carefully as well as pay attention to the keywords.

  • You need to craft an expository essay if your task is to provide information about a particular technology and the way it has changed our world. Be ready to explain why the world needs it and how most of us benefit from it.
  • Be ready to prove your point of view in an argumentative paper if you are asked to argue for or against a particular technology in our life. You need to be able to analyze the benefits of the existing technology as well as draw a picture of the world without it.

The Structure and the Content

Although you might have some great ideas, be sure you can organize them in a way that the readers can follow your thoughts and get the meaning you want to convey in your essay about the world without technology.

  • An expository paper about the world without a certain technology should contain some clear explanations of the importance of this particular technology. It should also support your thesis with valid facts and vivid examples. Try not to use biased language and keep your tone as formal as possible.
  • In an argumentative paper, you should explain your ideas to the readers in order to make them see things from your perspective. For example, if you strongly believe that the average life expectancy would be considerably shorter than it is actually today due to the absence of modern medications, be ready to state your opinion in the thesis and prove it in the subsequent paragraphs. Provide your arguments and the supporting details in separate body paragraphs.

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