5 Things You Should Know About The Common Essay Structure

When you are asked to write an essay as a student, you are simply being asked to organize logical set of thoughts or ideas into an easily understood content. In carrying out this task, students are expected to present these ideas one after the other so that they make sense to his or her target readers. This is where structuring comes in. The type of essay being written is what usually determines the structure of the paper. For example, argumentative papers are structured differently from comparative essays. However, there is a basic commons structure for papers, generally speaking.

Listed below are the elements that make up the structure of common essays. They are:

  • Title Page: Although you may not know this but formatting your title page in the right format has an impact on your overall scores. If you submit your essay with a professional looking title page, your supervisor or tutor will be greatly impressed. Depending on your tutor’s specifications, the title page could be done in APA, MLA or CMS format. If there is no such preference, then it is up to you to decide the format or style of formatting your cover page.
  • Introduction: When you are writing the introduction of your paper, make sure you include background to the problem or topic of your essay. You should also include an outline showing the aims of your paper. If necessary, you may include a compelling but relevant quote.
  • Main Body of Work: At this stage, you carry out an expansion of the aims of your paper which was earlier mentioned in the introduction. This is where you justify those sleepless nights spent researching on various sources of information. Take your time and ensure that the information contained therein is properly formatted or structure for the best results.
  • Conclusion: Another element that makes up the structure of your essay, this is where you offer a final summary of the points discussed or problems addressed in the main body of your work. In your conclusion, you can pose further questions that might influence future researches in the same field. On the other hand, you can also suggest further readings as it has to do with the problem or topic discussed.
  • Bibliography: This is where you list out the sources that helped make your project a success and eliminates chances of you being accused of plagiarism. In order to make writing of this part of your essay very easy, you learn to keep proper track of the articles, books, journals and any other source used. Keep a note of these sources as you access them.

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