Useful Recommendations On How To Begin A Synthesis Essay

This guide gives useful suggestions on how to begin a synthesis essay. Doing that, it is necessary to align this exercise with the entire process of putting together the academic essay. Because the term is not always properly understood and consequently not utilized correctly during research work and the composition of the paper, a brief explanation of the phrase ‘synthesis’ is given.

Independent research emphasis

For those who are not yet sure, further reading on this academic sub-genre is recommended. Final year students should also make a point of understanding the explanations, guidelines and the entire concept of writing their dissertation using this device. The term is also a broad one because it applies to the writing of news styled and commercial articles, fiction and non-fiction writing, as well as lectures and advertising promotions. Where essay writing is concerned, the emphasis is on research and how efficiently this process has been applied to the structure and composition of the dissertation. Synthesis forms part of an extensive body of work, and the final paper or document is lengthy and detailed, also indicative of comparative analyses. A great advantage for students is that originality and evidence of independent thinking is also sought after.

The introduction

Before ending this article with the recommendations and staying with the theme of the article’s title, a reminder to writers on the importance of the paper’s introduction and how it should be structured. The entire project is detailed. It is not uncommon for a sample introduction to be two typed pages. Broken up into a mini-essay, if you will, the introduction gives an extensive outline of what is included in the paper and highlights the thesis statement in full.

Useful recommendations

Here are a few useful recommendations that can be used as a checklist;

  • Plan – Before work begins, plan your process of work and workshop a suitable strategy for the life of the project.
  • Research 1 – Compile a detailed inventory of resources and make notes of where they can be obtained.
  • Research 2 – Broad-based and extensive research should also include interviews and excursions.
  • Paper outline – While you are putting together your plan it does you no harm in brainstorming a draft outline of how you instinctively think the paper should be structured.

This extensive guide along with the recommendations should help you immeasurably in beginning your final dissertation.

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