List Of Good Informative Essay Topics For College Students

What is an informative essay?

An informative essay is a piece of writing that educates the readers on certain topic. The USP of this article lies with the fact that- the author doesn’t need to use a convincing tone or an explanatory voice in an informative article. You main aim has to dish out nuggets of information and statistics to the readers in such a way that- they feel enriched at the end of the reading.

Tips to write great informative essay

Choosing a great topic, researching well and editing mercilessly are three pillars of a good informative article. Here, you should be extra careful of not incorporating your personal opinion or judgment in the article body. The tone has to be neutral and educative.

12 topics of informative essay for college students

  • Write an informative article about doing a presentation on artificial intelligence.
  • These days many students turn entrepreneurs in the college campus where technology is the most preferred field. Construct an informative article about establishing an online-based start-up for a college student.
  • Formulate your article on doing a diploma course on Spanish online.
  • Compose an informative analysis on building a wood cabin step-by-step.
  • There are many students who aspire to become film directors. They start their journey by making short, campus films. How to make an indie movie in a hand-held camera?
  • Sexual violence against women in college campuses in USA is rising. What preventive measures should the college authority take up?
  • In science and engineering, the percentage of women leaders is starkly nominal. What campaigns that government must undertake, to encourage girl students to study science and engineering?
  • School bullying leads committing suicide among a large percentage of high-school students every year. Write an informative article about corrective legal and punitive steps to eradicate this menace from high-schools.
  • Junk food restaurants are causing obesity among children and teenagers alike in USA. What should the government and school authorities do together, to obliterate the evil of fast food from the lives of students?
  • Write an informative article on the topic of gun control law vs. infringement of personal freedom.
  • Wearing hijab is a personal choice of any female student in the college campus. Does opposing this practice in the government level is a violation of one’s own choice?
  • Alternative schools are opening a new horizon in education sector. Are they at par with conventional schooling system? Why it’s good for a child, who is otherwise bogged down with exams and studies?

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