A List of Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics to Write About

A descriptive essay is a pretty common assignment that students will receive while they are in school. If you have been tasked with this work consider these topics as something you could choose to write about for your assignment.

  1. Choose a person in your life who has helped to shape your view on a piece or artistic work such as a song or a painting. Describe how their views helped to shape your own and make you develop the view point that you now have.
  2. Describe a person who makes you laugh or helps to put you in a good mood. Talk about why they make you feel that way and how they are able to boost your spirits when you have had a bad day.
  3. Describe the scariest movie that you have ever seen and why this particular movie is particularly disturbing to you.
  4. Describe an item in your home that makes you remember another person such as a painting or maybe a dish set that might have been a gift. Tell why it is significant and why it reminds you of the person.
  5. Tell about a piece of furniture in your home that you completely despise. Tell how you acquired it and why you choose to leave it in your home despite your feelings.
  6. Tell about an event in your life that made you change the path of your life. Talk about the details behind the decision and what drove you to make that change.
  7. Pick a place you like to go when you are feeling down and depressed and describe why this place helps to make you feel better and boost your spirits again.
  8. Talk about a place you have visited that you really enjoyed and describe the locations that you think of when you recall this place.
  9. Talk about your significant other and what attributes they have that make you enjoy being in that relationship.
  10. Describe the contents of your back pack or pockets and tell why these items are important to you and why you choose to carry them with you each day.

No matter which topic you choose to write about, each one will give you great subject matter to write an interesting and high quality descriptive essay to use for you assigned work.

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