How To Format A Title Page For Term Paper In Science

Your term paper will likely be written in APA format, so the writing of the title page will not be too complicated, but it is still an exact format. There are some formatting formalities that will carry their way through the entirety of the paper, and the title page is no different. You should have your page set for double spacing, 1” margins (except for the top which should be ½ inch from the running head), and have your running head in the upper left hand corner. The running head is in ALL CAPS and should include the first 50 letters of your paper title. The page number should also appear in the upper right of the page. The font should be 12, and I usually prefer Times New Roman, though this is not necessarily always the case, but it is always a safe font.

Formatting the Title Page

Now that we have the basic formalities out of the way we can move onto the formatting of the page itself. The title page is all about the center of the page. Everything is in the center. You should have your page justification set to center and choose the option in Microsoft Word that automatically centers the words in the exact vertical center of the page as well, or you could always “enter” down to the center, though this is not always 100% accurate. The first line should display the title of your paper. It can take up 1-3 lines, but I like to keep it at no more than 2. It looks nicer and isn’t a horrible mouthful to say or type. The next line is your full name. After your full name should be your professor’s name, then on the next line the title of the class, and the final line should hold the date. I like to write out the date but in mm/dd/yyyy format is acceptable. APA is all about consistency, so make sure that you use the same font throughout your paper and that it all melds together. Everything should look like it was meant to be there. Make sure it is all clean and ready to go.The bottom of your page should remain blank and clear of any stray marks. Remember the format calls for double spacing, and this includes the title page. It may look something like this:



Running Head:

A Study on Writing

Peter T. Student

Professor Smith

Writing 101


As you can see, there is a running head in the upper left hand corner

The page number is in the upper right

The Title, teacher, your name, class, and date follow at the bottom

The entire title section is double spaced and centered in the physical center of the page. If you were to fold the page half horizontally then vertically, the center of the page should be in the center of your title information.

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