Nurse Leadership

Due to various changes in society as well as in consideration to shortcomings like inadequate provision of quality health care, the nursing profession is set to revamp its credentials through transformation of nursing practice, education as well as leadership. The goals of the latter include identification of the characteristics of mentors that have been (or could be) most successful in recruiting and training diverse nurses and nurse faculty, as identified in a report by the Institute of Medicine. Addressing this priority is beneficial in that it provides a gateway through which leadership can be inculcated in nurses towards positive overall healthcare provision and management with Green & Jackson affirming that the field has focused more on positive aspects like ‘characteristics of 'good' mentors and protégées’. Nonetheless, the authors affirm that mentoring is utilized ‘as a way of socializing new nurses into the profession, growing and developing nursing talent, and more recently as a way to retain experienced nurses with the current nursing shortage. As such, some challenges of researching this nurse priority relate to relative paucity of information on the subject in relation to a holistic viewpoint that integrates the positive as well as the negative aspects.

Research done on identification of mentor characteristics would be highly beneficial to nurse leaders as it would enhance professional leadership in nursing as well as greater participation in healthcare firms and associated reforms, as more nurses seek to be leaders in the field. It would also allow the field of nursing leadership to continuously evolve through practical application and sharing of relevant knowledge while reaping a variety of positive benefits for healthcare firms, individuals involved as well as the industry in general. The author specifically identifies that nurses can adopt the roles of primary care physicians through mentoring, amidst challenges like shortage of healthcare providers. As aforementioned, the importance of mentoring is tied to its provision of new nurse leaders capable of spearheading the required transformation not only in education but also in practice, with positive outcomes such as increased productivity and job satisfaction, and provision of high quality of care. Moreover, McCloughen, O’brien & Jackson affirm that ‘mentoring relationships…have multiple, favorable personal and professional outcomes’ while allowing realization of visions of healthcare through nurse leader development.

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