A List Of Strong Cause And Effect Essay Topics For College

While writing a cause and effect essay a student often realize that is much easier to establish the effects than the cause. When you choose a topic you must be careful and make sure that it can be explored. The topic should have a disturbing situation because it will generate your interest as well as the reader’s. But you will also have to be certain that the topic can be limited by the cause and effect ideas i.e. there are no other angel that needs to be explored in order to do justice to the issue.

Choose a good topic

When you choose a topic you will have to choose one which has good amount of information. There should be enough juice to let you complete the essay smoothly. Do not be concerned if there are more points on cause rather than effect or vice versa. It is natural and lends authenticity to your paper. You can highlight either the cause or the effect depending on the information you get and which you think requires more explanation.

Here is a list of strong cause and effect essay topics:

  • The cause of divorce and its effect on children.
  • The reason couples opt for an abortion and its effect on the relationship.
  • The reason behind the popularity of social media and its effect on real life relationships. Write the paper focusing primarily on teens.
  • The cause of stress among the urban population and its effect on health.
  • Cause and effect of different allergies.
  • Cause and effect of child obesity.
  • How has the feminist movement affected men’s and women’s view of each other? Its effect on people’s relationship.
  • Why did China enforce the one child household policy? What was its long term effect on population explosion and the growth in economy? Is China left with a primary population of only old people unfit for any hard work?
  • Why would a person become a single parent? How would the child’s development be different from any normal household?
  • Cause and effect of rivalry among siblings.
  • The effect of poverty on young children and its cause.
  • The reason behind the spread of HIV in African continent and its effect on the people living there.
  • The cause and effect of Ebola among the developed nations.
  • How has globalization helped in spreading of diseases?

We encourage students to brainstorm further and come up with new topics.

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