A Quick Guide On How To Write A Descriptive Essay

This essay type does exactly what it sounds like. You will need to describe or explain something. It can be a situation, experience, person, event, or object. The idea is to tell about the various aspects of the topic so that anyone could understand it. for example, say you wanted to help explain how child support works, you would write a paper so that it explain who has to pay it, how it is determined, what it is, and other factors so that it can be understood. Here is a quick guide to help you understand how to get this paper done the right way.

Choose a topic

You have to be the expert in the topic that you write about whether you know the information or you learn the information. You will want to choose an interesting topic so that you can have fun writing about it and your reader finds it interesting as well.

Create an outline

Make a plan for what you are going to say. Use your investigative skills to discuss the “wh” words. The more information you give on your subject, the better your paper would be. An outline will help you organize your information so that it makes the most sense and you can put your focus on the different aspects. You will determine the best ways to present the information and help the paper flow better.

Develop into a rough draft

Turn that outline into a rough draft. You can add the transitions first and then start explaining the various parts. You can give examples and make sure that you have logical links between the different parts of the paper. That way your paper will be easy to read and be easy to understand.


When you take a look at your rough draft, the last thing that you want to do is continue to work on it. You will have to though. You want to make sure that you catch any errors that may have slipped through. Have you spelled all of the words correctly? Do your sentences make sense? Read it out loud to catch grammatical errors and make sure that your paper is doing what it is supposed to do. You want to make sure that it is saying what you meant to say. Have a friend read it too if you can because they may be able to find things that you missed.

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