The best way to learn the essay format: use a sample

Learning to write the craft of writing essays is cakewalk for a few, a walk on hot coals for most. If you fall into the hot-coal category, do not despair. It will not be as difficult for you as it used to be for your parents. With the internet and access to millions of resources, you can now simply search for “how to...” In a few seconds, you have found numerous essays on essay writing, and many systematic guides.

Some of these are helpful and others are not. The unhelpful ones are likely to go on and on about essay writing without really giving you much insight on how to do it.

Your best bet is to read samples. First, it is a good exercise for the mind as it ploughs the field for innovation and secondly, it gives you a deeper understanding of how the job is done without overwhelming the mind with steps and structures.

Find some good samples online and read them like you would read a book. You do not need to look for and identify the steps at this point. Just read to get a general feel of an essay.

Now look for a sample that is closest to what you think is right and dissect it in your mind. See and notice how it is structured. You will learn how the opening paragraph introduces the idea, how the next paragraphs build on it, and how the concluding paragraph ties it all up in a neat package.

This exercise is not too time-intensive so you may be able to do this quickly. If at the end of it you are still unsure of how to go about writing you essay, you may want to get some help. Certain websites will provide you with excellent samples after you register with them; this may or may not be a paid service. Some online service providers will give you customized help with the essay.

Finding a credible agency and getting legitimate help is well worth the effort if all else fails. Ask around the school and see if someone you know can give you a name. Sending in queries to different service providers can also help. Check their credentials, the amount of work they do and the kind of services they offer. Always ask for examples and referrals.

Learn from an Expert Writer on How to Write an Essay with Original Material

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