23 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics To Choose From

Writing an argumentative essay can actually be a lot of fun, provided you choose the right topic. The topic you choose needs to have personal meaning for you, or at least interest you to some degree, in order for you to make a convincing argument about it. If you’re struggling to choose an interesting topic, spend a few minutes reading this list of 23 excellent argumentative essay topics.

  1. The pharmaceutical industry
  2. Should the pharmaceutical industry’s profits be capped to stop them profiting from ill people?

  3. Mobile phones at school
  4. Should students be allowed to use their mobile phones during classes at school?

  5. The death penalty
  6. Does the death penalty deter other potential criminals from committing violent crimes?

  7. School uniforms
  8. Does forcing all students to wear school uniforms improve school spirit and cohesiveness?

  9. Animal testing
  10. Is it ethical to test non-lifesaving products, such as cosmetics, on animals?

  11. Religion and war
  12. Does religion cause war?

  13. Actors’ and professional athletes’ remuneration
  14. Are actors and professional athletes paid too much for what they actually do?

  15. Parenting licenses
  16. Should everyone be required to get a license to have children?

  17. Junk food advertising in schools
  18. Does junk food advertising in schools cause obesity in children?

  19. Alcohol advertising
  20. If all alcohol advertising were banned, would the rates of alcoholism be reduced?

  21. Creationism
  22. Should creationism be taught in all schools, except private ones?

  23. Social media platforms
  24. Does the use of social media platforms cause people to be more socially isolated form other people?

  25. Homework
  26. Does giving students homework benefit them at all?

  27. Euthanasia
  28. Does euthanasia allow people to choose to die with their dignity intact?

  29. Sex education in schools
  30. Does sex education in schools help prevent teenage pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases?

  31. Cannabis
  32. Should the use of cannabis be legalised?

  33. Diets
  34. Are diets so harmful that their promotion should be banned completely?

  35. The legal drinking age
  36. Should the legal drinking age be increased?

  37. Violent video games
  38. Does banning violent video games reduce the number of violent crimes?

  39. Tobacco advertising
  40. Does advertising tobacco cause more people to smoke cigarettes?

  41. Prisoners voting
  42. Should prisoners be allowed to vote even though they’ve been convicted of crimes?

  43. Abortion
  44. Should abortion be legalised everywhere?

  45. Same-sex schools
  46. Are same-sex schools better for students than co-ed schools?

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