How do you write an essay: academic tutorial

Writing an essay can be very easy if you follow a stepwise approach. Students tend to avoid writing length essays because they are boring and time consuming. However, writing an essay can be fun if the topic is interesting and you have planned it out properly. Before you sit down to write an essay, it is important that you go through different examples of essays and read the sample essays to get an idea of what you are going to attempt.

Carefully select a topic

This is a very important step in writing an essay. Choosing a topic can come in very handy. You need to think critically before you finalize the topic of your essay. If you choose a topic that you lack knowledge about then you will end up being stuck. Make sure the topic is of your interest so that you can research upon it

Make a thesis statement

In the beginning of an essay, you need to develop your thesis statement. It is one or two sentences long and is the main concern of your essay. The rest of your essay revolves around your thesis statement

Write the introduction

After you have clearly stated the thesis statement, you can then move to the introduction of your essay. The introduction of your essay must be very engaging and interactive. It should be brief and give the reader a clue of what you are going to do discuss in the rest of your essay. Make sure you do not sound vague in the introduction because your paper will lose its impression and it is most likely that the reader will drive away from your essay

Plan the body of the essay

After you have written the introduction, you can then move to make a body of the essay. The body usually consists of three to four paragraphs. You have to plan the body of your essay before you start writing it down, make sure you put relevant information in the same paragraphs. It is important that you avoid repetition in the essay

Write a conclusion

When you are done writing the introduction, you can move on to the conclusion of your essay. It is the extract of your essay. You need to summarize all that you have written in your body and restate your thesis statement

Remember to:

  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Avoid grammatical errors

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