Instructions On How To Write A Catchy Essay Introduction

First and last impressions are critical in essay writing. You need to hook the reader right from the onset and finish off strongly too. This is why the introduction and conclusion of any paper – be it a simple essay of a 100-page long paper – are essential.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you craft the best essay introductions;

  1. Ensure that the introduction has three things; the hook, the transition, and the thesis.
  2. The hook is the descriptive part of the introduction. It is the illustration or dialogue that pulls the reader into your topic. Always make the hook interesting and specific. The transition is the sentence (or sentences) that connect the hook to the thesis. It should be short and well thought. Finally, the thesis is the sentence or group of sentences that summarize the overall main point of the paper. After reading the thesis, the reader should know exactly what the paper is about.

  3. Open with a boom!
  4. There are several ways of opening an essay. You only need to choose which method would be most suitable for your situation.

    • Open with a mini summary - The first option is what is called the “mini-summary.” This is also the traditional style of opening essay papers. Basically, it involves summarizing the essay in a single paragraph or two.
    • Open with a story - Secondly, you can also open with a story (anecdote). You can share a story that connects the reader to your paper. This brings a personal feel and helps make the reader comfortable.
    • Open with figures and statistics - Another popular option is to open the essay with specific details. Choose figures or statistics that appeal to the readers curiosity and which helps to establish a visual picture of your paper.
    • Open with a quotation – you can also open with a quotation. This method has been proved to grab the reader’s attention and prepare them for the rest of the paper.
    • Open with a question – possibly the easiest of all the options listed here. Since you already know the topic to be discussed, why not pose a related question?

All these methods can work for just about any essay paper. However, sometimes you may prefer statistics to questions depending on the topic. The key lies in fully understanding what you’re writing about and determining the best possible way to hook the reader from the word go. We can help you make an informed decision. Go to this service to learn more.

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