Writing an Award Winning Essay

One of the most crucial skills you must develop as a student is your ability to craft award-winning essays. Your future literally hangs in the balance. Whether you are writing for a scholarship, college admission, class, or project, it is essential that you choose a topic that will allow you to shine like the bright young student you are. The following steps will help you choose an essay topic and craft an award-winning essay on that topic. Let’s go!

  • Step 1: Relax

    Do you find yourself having these kinds of thoughts before you even begin writing; “If this essay doesn’t come out perfectly, then I may not get the money I need to pay for school” or “If I don’t nail this essay, I won’t get the scores I need to be competitive?” I understand that the cursor winking at you on a blank page can be intimidating, but it is crucial that you don’t add to the pressure with negative self-talk. Realize that the only the only pressure you feel is the pressure you put on yourself. Relax and take it easy! You got this! Here are some tips to try whenever you need a reminder:

    • Take a walk
    • Write a song about how awesome you are
    • Spend cuddle time with your pet or stuffed animal

    The idea is that you exercise, engage in positive self-talk, and do something that comforts you so that you get out of your head.

  • Step 2: Passion

    Choose a topic your passionate about. The easiest way to show off your best side is to talk about the things in your life that excite you. The passion you feel for the subject will transfer into your writing and help the process go along more smoothly. If you need help identifying your passions consider:

    • The hobbies you most enjoy and why you enjoy them
    • The things you and your friends/family talk about most often and enjoy together
    • How you spend your free time
    • Things that make you feel warm, happy, fuzzy, smiley, laugh-y

    Your passions will vary, and you may have more than one. Choose the one most appropriate for your essay.

  • Step 3: Show Growth

    The one thing essay readers love to read from young scholars is stories of how they’ve grown. It shows that you are a maturing human being who is open to influence and willing to grow. After all, the whole reason you’re writing this essay is so you can grow and begin the next phase of our life, right? When choosing anecdotes for personal growth consider:

    • Stories of personal failure and how you adapted
    • Stories of great adversity and what you did to overcome
    • Stories of how you helped others grow and how that, in turned, helped you
    The main things you want to emphasize are the specific lessons you learned through struggle, failure, and triumph.

  • That’s it young student! You’re now armed with the tools you need to write an award-winning essay. Get to it!

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