Top 20 College Essay Topics On Up-To-Date Issues

There are issues which have lost the plot in today’s context and those that remain relevant to the modern time and are scheduled to be so even in coming future. College students take to the latter with some pride and definite conjecture.

The relevant issues

As a teacher, you should bring students up to date with such issues. They range from health to subscription; pollution to medical negligence, dieting to education; tax evasion to teen pregnancy et al.

Asking for remedy

You may ask students to write essays on these issues. Their essay may circle the issue or find ways round them. Their essays may also find the big loophole that has still not been exorcised. This will depend on the students’ mordancy.

Privileged statements

Their essays may also seek fervent issues that do not normally round the charts. They can raise issues about animal welfare or ethics of eating beef, legitimization of same-sex marriage or cutting the debate about euthanasia. Let that be their privilege.

Cutting corners

Ask students to find spectacular solutions in their essays. Energize them into taking a no-acceptance mode for the repulsive issues. Meanwhile, here are 20 fervent essay topics on up-to-date issues for your reference –

  1. Write about how women keep getting objectified and thus victimized
  2. Will the state of corruption ever be choked or chained?
  3. Has the celebrity cult vitiated today’s females to take on crash diets and attain zero figures?
  4. Explain the fad of being fitness-conscious
  5. Suggest how rich men utilize tax havens like Monaco and Bahamas to evade taxes
  6. Write on the serious impact of teen pregnancy
  7. Suggest ways to improve indoor air quality and keep pollution at bay
  8. Elucidate on how Intellectual Property can be secured and patented
  9. Shed light on how denting medical negligence actually is
  10. Should euthanasia be a decision left to relatives of the patient?
  11. Will online banking perennially run the terror of hacking?
  12. When will the hullabaloo around abortion end?
  13. Are we actually doing our bit for animal welfare?
  14. Will the logic of going partially off-the-grid solve the energy equation?
  15. Should sportsmen be allowed steroids in a regulated manner?
  16. Should prostitution be legalized but regulated?
  17. Will Google be able to monopolize everything in near future?
  18. Write a piece on today’s education system
  19. Should terrorists be hanged or made to serve life punishment?
  20. Should there be stricter tenancy rules to keep errant tenants under control?

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