Guidelines on brainstorming original narrative essay topics

In the world of storytelling, there are only seven stories that are continually told over and over again. When you are assigned a narrative essay, you are assigned to tell a story with a lesson. The best narrative essays tell the stories of real events and the lessons that are learned from them. If you are looking for an original essay topic, all you need to do is choose one of these plots and base your fascinating story on that plot. But, be sure to include your thesis and what you learned from the event. You can even use the plotline to help you decide the thesis of your paper, too. These are the seven stories:

Rags to Riches:

This does not just have to be about money. It could be about a struggle that ended up bringing spiritual wealth or another type of symbolic wealth.

The Quest:

When you have had to go on a symbolic or real voyage to gather a valuable object, it is worth sharing in a story.


This is often a part of a quest, but when you have a specific part that involves coming back from a dark place, you have an interesting story. In many cases, the rebirth story is one of the most interesting, because the story needs to take the reader into the depths, too.


Comedies are difficult to write, because so much of our comedy today comes in the form of sarcasm. However, if you have a funny story to tell, then you should tell it and the lesson that developed from it.

Overcoming the Monster:

Since we all know that monsters do not exist, this is usually a story about overcoming a symbolic monster. This can be as exciting to read as the rebirth and even more so as the monster gets in the way of sure success.

Voyage and Return:

This is different from the quest, because the voyage does not involves the hunt for a treasure. This story is more about the journey than the outcome. The return usually does involve a realization, but not the same way that the quest does.


Not all stories are happy or successful, some stories do have sad endings. The tragedy is a story that might be difficult to tell, but usually involves a lesson that most people can understand.

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