Helpful Advice On How To Craft An A+ Legal Opinion Essay

Writing a legal opinion essay can be very interesting and is a great exercise in your understanding of the law, although it might require some extensive research on your part. The following is some helpful advice to assist you in crafting such a paper.

  • Firstly, the structure of your paper should follow the same logical pattern as any other well-written article. The introduction is to introduce the questions raised by the topic of the paper. The body should be the section where you discuss your legal opinion on the subject, make references and site examples. The conclusion should lastly tie together the problem, the examples and references and the major points of your opinion. Ideally, the conclusion should not introduce any new points but just summarize and remind the reader of all the points that you have already discussed.
  • The tone of voice. A legal opinion piece needs to sound professional and serious. This means that you should employ a tone of writing that suits a legal paper - using clear and concise words, and well-crafted sentences are key. Unlike most other essays, a legal opinion one should not use a single extra word that does not serve the purpose of the subject. Crafting your sentences correctly, logically and in clear fashion is actually the key to writing an outstanding paper.
  • Organizing facts correctly is another good way to ensure that you are headed in the right direction. Prior research on the piece, in this case, will be of most use. Making a list of all the facts that you wish to use in your writing is a good way to get started. Use these points then to group together facts and research material that make sense together and then organize your writing accordingly. Most of these facts will, however, go into the body of your writing.
  • Discussing legal principles correctly is also important. This too will be in the body of your paper, but must be used in conjunction with the facts of the case and your own legal opinion. It is useful to study legal principles after you have organized facts and while you are in the process of formulating your opinion. There should ideally be no instance of discussing a legal principle that does not directly relate to the facts or the opinion that you discuss in your paper.

Ultimately, a well written legal opinion essay should be easy to read and understand.

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