Using Specific and Original Research Paper Topics

When you are looking for an original research paper topic, it can be complicated because there really are no original topics in research papers.  That is because most have been done before but being specific with your research and the way that you approach the subject, is the best way for it to be specific and original. 


What you want to do first is find out what topic you want to do your research paper on.  Once you have that topic, look and see what has been done before and try and go in a different direction with the topic, this will give your research paper a fresh new idea, which will make your research paper more original.  As always, make sure you narrow down the topic because you don’t want a broad subject that lacks a coherent point. 

Original Research Topics

Here are some topics that you can use for you research paper or as a reference to get an idea for your topic.

  • This is a broad topic that you can narrow down accordingly, Why do we do something, like sleep, get angry, or anything that might be something that we do that you might not understand or want to know more about, this is a different topic you can do your paper on.
  • How something is made, there are tons of things out there that are manufactured and you can pick something and show how it is made or even how it has evolved over the years since it was first manufactured.
  • You could examine a historical event like the moon landing, Roswell, or any other event that you might want to know more about.
  • How has technology effected today’s youth? You can go a few ways with this one like has is effected literacy in kids?  This is a broad subject that you can narrow down to a specific part and do your paper on that. 
  • You could write about the effects of video games on kids.  You can talk about the good effects or bad effects with this subject.
  • You could do a compare and contrast research paper on a pair of important historical people like inventors, presidents, athletes, etc. Doing an essay like this, you will have two people that you will try in determine who did their job better and this will make for an interesting topic for you research paper and it is original.  

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