A List Of Outstanding Essay Topics On Death Penalty 

The death penalty is a burning issue of all times, which is why it serves as a good topic for different types of academic papers. There are lots of interesting and controversial aspects to research. If you choose an idea that makes other people think, your essay will be a success. Look through the following list of topic ideas for inspiration:

  • Ethical and religious arguments supporting the death penalty.
  • This sanction is often regarded as a just means of saving lives of innocent people. Look for the opinions of secular and religious scholars and share your position in your essay.

  • Why is the sanction of being sentenced to death not an effective detergent?
  • The most severe criminal sanction is supposed to deter criminals from murders. However, statistics suggest the contrary.

  • Risks of executing innocent people.
  • What if a judge made a mistake and a person didn’t commit a crime? Look deeper into the risks. Refer to real cases to support your thesis.

  • Life in prison without parole versus the death penalty: which of the sentences is more cost-effective?

  • At first glance, keeping a prisoner forever seems to be much more expensive. However, capital cases cost even more. Why?

  • Are families of murder victims for or against their offenders being sentenced to death?
  • Do they strive for revenge, or do they have different opinions on the issue?

  • The death penalty versus capital punishment.
  • Do these two notions differ? Conduct research on their origins in your essay.

  • Is it possible to get clemency for a criminal who is to be executed?
  • What are the reasons for commuting a sentence? Investigate legal cases on the subject.

  • The death penalty should be banned for people with mental illnesses.
  • If a person is mentally ill or intellectually disabled, he or she cannot assist in defense. Therefore, the risk of executing an innocent individual is very high.

  • Capital punishment for young offenders: the minimal age for this penalty should be raised.
  • Investigate legal cases when juvenile criminals had been executed. Why do some social scientists and lawyers argue for the changes in legislation in order to raise the minimum age for this sanction?

  • The death penalty all over the world.
  • What are the attitudes towards capital punishment in different countries? Why did some of them refuse from it?

  • Capital punishment and racism.
  • Can jury’s opinions be racially biased when they vote for execution? In your essay, conduct research on the bases of statistical data on the issue.

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