How to write a research paper introduction and impress the readers from the first line

If you are writing a research paper one of the hardest parts can be the introduction. Many students struggle with writing the introduction and including all of the necessary information. They struggle with impressing the readers from the first line. But thankfully it is not rocket science and you can learn how to impress every reader with your research paper introduction.

A good first impression is extremely important for your research paper. The introduction is that good first impression. So what makes it so important? Well, here are a few reasons why the introduction is very important:

  • Sets the tone for the research paper
  • Gives the reader the necessary background to your topic
  • Introduces the problem
  • Tells the reader how you will solve the problem

The introduction is, easily, the second most popular component to your paper. It is going to be read the second most often, only falling behind the abstract. This is going to allow readers to get a good overview of both the topic and the information that your paper will hold in order for them to determine whether or not it will be useful in their own research. It contains some of the most important aspects of your paper. The length is based on the length of the overall paper. It shouldn’t be more than ten percent of the total length of the paper. This is universal. If your paper is three pages long, then you shouldn’t have an introduction that is more than a third of a page in length. It makes sense to include some of the information from the abstract in your introduction and to reinforce keywords that you may have mentioned in order to help professionals better find your work.

Writing an introduction that stands out and makes a good impression starts with making sure that the proper formatting and style requirements are followed. Check the length in comparison to the rest of the sections of your paper and make sure the introduction is not taking up too much space. Don’t be overly wordy. The introduction is not meant to address methods or results outside of, obviously, a very brief introduction. Cover as much history on the topic as possible so the reader will understand where your paper exists in the spectrum of the research as a whole.

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