Writing Interesting Essays About Literature: 3 Great Prompts

What is literature?

Literature is a term that is used for a lot of different things. Including being used to describe writings and or books in which have been published about a certain topic. In more appropriate terminology literature is a term used to describe works of writing that are meant to last, have last and will last; Such as Shakespeare, Hemmingway, Poe, and more.

Literature is something that is all around us and is used on a daily basis, there are many different forms of literature but the most important thing about literature is that it is a way for people to express themselves. It is a way to teach others and a way for people to document everything around them and keep track of life and all of the beauty in life as well as the entire negative aspects in life too.

Three really great and interesting essay prompts that are about literature:

  1. Take a work of classic literature and try to see how someone else would comprehend it, someone else who thinks differently. For example, how do you think that someone who considers being Freudian would comprehend Hamlet? Hamlet is a wonderful piece of literature in which is based on an outside perspective through the eyes of someone who is a strong believer in philosophy.

  2. Take a major portion of everyday life and the society as we know and love it and compare it to how it is in reality and how people think it to be. For example, take a study that deals with something economic, political or social and take the research and the content from a written work of literature and see how it compares and contrasts to that of a piece of work that has influence.

  3. Take something amazing from history, a wonderful and historical event, in which has caused a certain work. For example, compare and contrast the Greek myth that is known by the name of Pygmalion, the original one, to that of the Pygmalion by Shaw. This topic is a very narrow topic but it gives you a chance to discuss several sub topics within this topic.

To be honest anything you choose to write about when it comes to the topic of literature is going to be a beautiful paper that will be filled with all kinds of historical and accurate information from such reliable and credible sources.

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