10 Points To Discuss In Your Essay On Romeo And Juliet

The story of Romeo and Juliet may be one of the most famous classic plays, written by Shakespeare in his prime, that the present generation knows well. This story continues to be remade from different perspectives, with different endings and approaches to the plot of the story, keeping the tale alive in our hearts and on our screens.

When writing an essay on this topic, you don’t have to try too hard to be too accurate, in fact, readers enjoy twists to popular stories that keep them engaging and interesting. Following standard essay guidelines will help you to easily structure your paper so make use of it as you write. These ten points will list ideas you could discuss in your essay about Romeo and Juliet:

  1. What is love?
  2. This is quite a popular topic and you should do your best to take a good stab at it. Be as biased as you like, no one has a solid definition of the concept anyways and readers may find your take on the subject interesting.

  3. What makes young love dangerous?
  4. As teenagers, it’s easy to get swept away by the strong feelings and instincts brought on by hormonal overdose. Explore this avenue to help give a better understanding of the ideas afflicting these two individuals.

  5. How technology could have changed the outcome of the story?
  6. We live in the modern world and it is unlikely that an episode like Romeo and Juliet could occur today.

  7. Were the parents justified in their actions?
  8. Focus on how the parents could have changed the outcome of this tragedy.

  9. Alternate ending
  10. Could anything have been done to change the story for the better?

  11. Intelligent
  12. Is there any evidence to support the idea that one of the lovers was not too smart which resulted in the sad ending?

  13. What would you have done in Romeo’s position?
  14. Provide an alternate course of action for Romeo, in which the story had a better ending.

  15. What would you have done in Juliet’s position?
  16. As a woman of the times, what other options were available to you?

  17. How would a modern day version of this story end?
  18. Develop a plot line that depicts a modern day, young couple, attempting to be together against their parents wishes.

  19. Are societal customs any different today?
  20. Our times and technology are different today. Is it possible that there are adults living today that see the world the way the lover’s parents did?

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