Coming Up With Good Opinion Essay Topics: Great Suggestions

There are lots of students that have never really come to fathom the entire concept of opinion writing. Opinion topics are the kind of titles wherein it is your perspective that matters, and nothing else. You have to consider the importance of such kind of work, and understand that in most cases, the reader is not even looking to see your opinion, but what your teachers are after is trying to make sure that you can deliver a sound argument.

Most of the time students are afraid of writing these papers because they might not really be so sure whether or not their opinion really counts. Some are even afraid that in the long run, their teachers are just trying to set a trap for them, to see what they really think. Take note here, that however much you fear your teachers, they are not as callous as you might think of them. Doing any of these things that you worry about would not only make them unprofessional, but would also set the grounds for them to have their service terminated for unprofessional conduct.

When you are asked to work on such a paper therefore, what you have to realize is the fact that all you are being asked to do is to put up a strong and subtle argument, defend a cause, or stand up for something that you believe in, or you think is supposed to be done. Herein are some examples that will shed some light on how you should go about handling some of these topics.

  • Justify or criticize the incursion of the US Army into the Middle East, and their prolonged stay over the years.
  • China has been seen as a global threat to the western nations, with an emphasis on their ties in developing countries in Africa and Asia. Discuss .
  • Explain why America should shoulder the blame for plunging the entire world in to a financial crisis in 2008.
  • North Korea has a penchant for violence. With an emphasis on recent events, discuss and justify or criticize their position on testing of nuclear weaponry, and the ramifications of the same.
  • Science has come thus far, and only failed to create a soul in their continued struggle to bring forth life. Discuss with an inference on the debate between Science and God, using suitable examples for your explanations.

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