Writing An Impressive Narrative Essay About Failure And Success

Narrative essays are picture like and make you go with the flow of words. Citing any incident or event that offers you an educational or moral experience makes it complete in real terms. A good narrative essay brings a recreational and rewarding experience to the readers via his past or present experiences. Its chief most objective is to convey a lesson at the end.

How to write?

Choose a sensitive topic. Discuss your personality, feeling of discrimination, adverse experiences and consequences. Manage your story well while filling the gaps with imagination and be consistent. Illustrate your story via varied characters, scenes and dialogues and stay focused.

For example when your essay deals with failure in building healthy relationships and sorting out differences with your father and your father did not cooperate each time whenever you tried hard on your part, it shows failure part. Though your failure goes around discussing frustrating incidences but you need to narrate the topic citing tiny tweaks that brought you closer to him and made him cried bitterly when you were transferred for seeking promotion to other city.

Follow the tips below

  1. Identify the experience that you want to share with your audience. Discuss its significance. Drafting is important and hence you need to make a list of all the experiences that made it unique. Prepare an outline and start your writing how your failure leads you to success.
  2. Instead of telling your readers about the incidence, use vivid expressions and descriptions to recreate the experience in the reader’s mind.
  3. Remember, the incidences cited by you may be small but are unknown to your readers and communicating it in appropriate way is important.
  4. It is necessary that you start the narration with a paragraph that made your experience bitter. However, while communicating its significance you need to discuss its success part and say how small incidences created a small part corner in your father’s heart and how he felt bad when you were posted out of the town. This would be the concluding statement that states failures lead to success.
  5. In the introduction part, you need to introduce your experience citing the smaller incidences. In the body delaying the expression of significance till end. This is important to heighten the sensitivity in the reader’s mind.
  6. Once you have written the draft part, revise. Think if you have communicated your experience well. Check out for more flamboyant descriptions if needed. Eliminate any irrelevant information that takes you out of track.

Always send a message to the reader not to give up and keep trying hard. Remember failure goes hand in hand with success. Without trying you cannot progress.

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