Impact of Immigrants on America

For a long time, the Americans have criticized the immense immigration into their country especially the illegal immigration. The criticism was mostly based on the fears that the immigrants would take away the jobs of the Americans. Other critics state that the immigrants contribute to overpopulation in the country. Others have linked the acts of terrorism to the entrance of outsiders into their country. However, the supporters of immigration into the America have a different view on the impact of immigration. They point to various positive effects of immigration on the culture, society and the economy of the country. Looking closely at the debate about the impact of immigration on America, it is clear that the positive outdo the negative impact. The American government can strengthen its check on its borders to reduce or if possible eliminate illegal immigrants. This would make Americans feel safe knowing that only legal immigrants are in their country.

Social Impact of Immigration

The Culture of the Americans has been greatly nourished through immigration. The people that come into the country carry along their beliefs, religion and norms as we acknowledge that culture is usually much engraved into a person. This means that the Americans can borrow the best practices from all the different cultures brought in by the immigrants. The challenge to the American people and the government is in controlling the behaviours of the immigrants that are right according to their respective cultures but not right according to the American culture and laws. Immigration has an effect on the demographics of America. Most of the individuals moving into America are young people and in the long run this makes America a country dominated by young people.

Economic Impact of Immigration

Immigration has a great positive influence on the economy status of America. To start with, the immigrants have increased the production capacity of America. Most of the immigrants being young have the required ability to work. The immigrants also provide readily available and cheap labour especially in the industries that require skills such as construction where the Americans are not willing or are not able to work. Some of the immigrants have innovative minds and have started businesses and companies that have created job opportunities even to the Americans. The immigrants can find markets in their original countries, and this greatly opens business links between America and other countries. It also helps in promoting American goods to other markets thus creating demand.

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