Great Tutorial for Writing a Perfect Research Paper in 5 Days

Five days may seem like a lot of time to complete an assignment, but it will hardly be enough if you need to write a research paper. The research itself will take a huge part of this time, so you will struggle to fit in the writing, revision, editing, and proofreading into the few hours you have left.

Of course, this paper will not be your only assignment and you have a life as well. Therefore, the number of hours you can dedicate to writing and research is rather small. This means that you need to learn how to manage this time wisely. The following tutorial will teach you how to create great custom term papers in five short days.

  1. Organize your research.

  2. It can be easy to lose yourself in studying interesting materials, but you need to stay focused on your goal. You need to research three types of sources, the ones that provide some background information on the subject, the ones that offer evidence to support your arguments, and the sources that present an opposing view. Color code your notes to make it easier to find the information you need for every paragraph of the paper.

  3. Write an outline.

  4. You should do this immediately after you start the research, because you will need to have a good idea of what to put in the paper in order to create a good essay.

    This plan will help you stay focused and organized.

  5. Organize your notes.

  6. If you color coded them when doing the research, you will be able to complete this task within minutes. You just need to organize the notes in the order that corresponds with your outline. It is best to use notecards to make this task easier.

    If you succeed, you will be able to write the first draft within a couple of hours.

  7. Revise, and then revise again.

  8. Revision is an essential part of research paper writing, so make sure you have at least a day left to work on it. Be sure to let yourself rest for a bit between the writing and revision, because you need to evaluate the paper with a “fresh” pair of eyes.

    At the revision stage, you should focus on the content of the essay. Do not break your concentration trying to fix spelling mistakes at this time.

  9. Edit and proofread.

  10. Once your essay is perfect content-wise, you will need to edit it in order to remove all grammatical and spelling mistakes. Check the paper for one thing at a time to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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