A List Of Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On World History

World history is a vast subject with many possible topic of discussion. Many aspects of world history are still uncertain and there are often heated debates bout what actually happened based on limited evidence. Here are 15 compare and contrast essay topics on world history:

  1. Had the dinosaurs not gone instinct, how would the world be today with them as the dominant species on the planet instead of us?
  2. Show how Australian lifeforms are different from that of those on other continents and give possible explanations for this.
  3. Show how the lifestyle of the Pterodactyl was different from that of modern day birds because of differences in the environment and climate of Earth.
  4. Show how the discovery of the Caribbean and the continent of America changed life for all on earth and outline the positive changes that occurred as a result.
  5. Was the empire of the native Americans comparable to that of Ancient Rome, or was it much bigger or smaller?
  6. How were the military strategies employed by Hitler different from those used by napoleon during his conquest of France?
  7. How does America approach war like situations differently from other nations of similar size and economic capabilities?
  8. The Caribbean slaves were treated very badly during their period of bondage. Was this period of slavery any different from those described by the Bible and similar religious texts?
  9. Consider how life on Earth could have been different when there existed only one giant land mass to the way it is distributed over several separate continents now.
  10. Were the views and beliefs of religious groups affected when Columbus sailed to the east proving that the earth was not flat, and there was, in fact, no precipice to fall over?
  11. How was the bombing of Hiroshima different from that of Pearl Harbor?
  12. During World war 2 , many scientist sough refuge in the USA and as a result, the states gained a major boost to its scientific community. Has scientific practice and achievements been affected by these transfers?
  13. Describe how the world of physics was changed after Marie Curie discovered radioactivity and outline the many changes that have happened in technology as a result of her discovery.
  14. Before the invention of the motor vehicle, animals were widely used to facilitate transportation of heavy loads. How has mechanization affected the amount of value we place on beast of burden?
  15. What are the obvious differences in technology in existence today that can be attributed to the moon landing missions?

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