A Manual For Writers Of Term Papers: Planning And Writing Tips To Make A First Rate Paper

Some college classes use a term paper as their final instead of a cumulative test on the subject that you are studying.  This can be a little less stressful but writing a term paper is still stressful.  Your term paper needs to be on a topic that you studied during the class and now you have to elaborate on that topic.  You should choose a topic from the class that you enjoyed studying because then writing the term paper will be easier and more enjoyable.  You not only have to write the paper but you should also have good plan in place to write the paper.  Here is how you can plan and write your next term paper.

Planning And Writing Tips

  • First you need to choose your subject, look in your textbook, notes, and study guides that you did all year to find a subject that you like.  Since you will be spending a month on the subject, you should pick a good one.

  • Take that subject and narrow it down, use the Encyclopedia to do this.  If you look up the subject, it will give you other topics to see.  Follow those topics and figure out what your main topic will be.

  • Now that you know the topic and have some information on the topic, write your thesis statement.

  • Start doing your research and make the bibliography as you go so you don’t forget or lose the information on your sources.

  • Make an outline for the thesis, topic, and all the points you will cover.

  • Take notes while you are researching, you could use note cards and write down the source and direct quote, summary, or paraphrasing from the sources.  This will help you organize your information for your term paper.

  • Since you have all of the information, now you can make the final outline that you will be using for your term paper.

  • Write your first draft of your term paper.  Don’t worry about it being perfect, just write until you are finished and then you can edit and proofread it later.

  • Start preparing your final draft, you want to write this one in the format that the class requires and fix all of the mistakes that were in the first draft.  Don’t forget to include all your sources and any other information required that you left out before.  This tips should help you the next time you write a term paper.  

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