Composing Strong Topics For Argumentative Research Papers For College

Strong argumentative essay topics in college may come from what you know. You need to consider trending subjects that affect others, without being offensive or too emotional about it. This is a good time to voice your opinion on something that matters to you. You need to consider important elements of a good argument research paper and how to concisely defend your argument overall. How you compose your topic will also affect how well you can write about it.

  • Brainstorming Ideas Based on What Has Already Been Written
  • Sometimes you need to take time to think about something that has already been written. You can review samples or previous argument essays that have been completed. From here you can get an idea of what people like to read about, think how you can put a spin on it. For instance, abortion has been written about so many times in the past. If you have a strong opinion about this subject, consider how to detail it in a way that is different but compelling. Maybe you can learn more about court issues that related to abortion and/or whether they have been on the increase in certain countries.

  • What Are Arguments You Feel Have Not Been Properly Defended?
  • There are various ideas people will have their own opinion about, but some of them may not get the attention they deserve. On the other hand, there are topics such as gun control, healthcare and education that get plenty of attention, but certain elements have yet to see the light. You may feel this way about something near and dear to you. This could be something that happened to someone you know or yourself. Maybe you didn’t like the end result and wonder if in fact things are fair or should they change?

  • When Sample Topics Can Offer Inspiration
  • Sample argument topics can serve as good writing prompts. At least you have something to work with when deciding your own topic. You should be careful not to select something too sensitive or offensive to others as this may add to the frustration of writing the paper. What are topics and issues trending right now? Think about what people are talking about and what is content that constantly keeps popping up in local and national news? Discuss possible ideas with your instructor to ensure you are on the right track.

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