5 tips for creating an interesting and unique essay topic

A unique essay topic can be right in front of you but it is a matter of using creative thinking strategies to help you find something you want to write about. There are different things you can do to help you find a good topic. A common idea is to review essays written by previous students and choose a topic you can make your own. Yet, there are times in which reviewing samples may not be enough to spark something original and interesting. The following tips may help give some insight on what you can do when considering something different for your next essay.

  1. Brainstorm for ideas. This is a common method used to determine an essay topic. Consider writing down ideas, words and sentences that come to mind about a general topic. The idea is to break down ideas into something that can be researched upon eliminating potential ideas to find the one you feel is a good fit.
  2. Choose a topic you know well. When you are able to choose your topic you should choose something you know to give yourself an advantage. In doing so it can be something you can provide personal knowledge and experience while being able to write about it with ease.
  3. Choose a topic you want to learn more about. This can help make researching your topic easier. Sometimes choosing something outside of your comfort zone may enlighten your interests further to help you create an interesting essay. This may help expose you to new research sources you may find useful with future assignments.
  4. Consider writing about your topic from a different angle. Sharing what you know or finding new information that others may not know could help make your topic more appealing while keeping the reader’s attention. This is about thinking outside of the box when considering something different or trying to present familiar content with a twist.
  5. Get ideas from people you know. Sometimes talking to those you know may spark some ideas on what to write. You can talk with people who may have had to complete a similar assignment in their past. You can get opinions from people that work in the same career field you are training for. Be open in getting ideas from different people and see how you can make one of them your own.

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