How to write a strong argumentative essay

Strong argumentative essays may require a considerable amount of effort to write. You need to pay close attention to how you present your findings. Some essays may have you presenting an argument with two sides and being bias at the same time. Other times you may choose a side to be on and try to convince readers why they should agree. In many cases it starts with a good topic that can be argued with plenty of data to present a unique understanding behind the problem or argument. Students can get ideas on how to write their essay by reviewing samples to understand what information they will need to include in their own essay.

Chose a Topic that Poses a Good Argument

This task alone can be challenging for any student. In many cases you can choose something you feel strongly about and consider which points you want to include in the final draft. This can be on a popular issue or something that may not get a lot of attention. The idea is to select something that will allow you to collect sufficient data to prove your main idea or argument.

Create an Outline to Help You Structure Your Findings

An outline can be created before you start research. This helps organize notes and ideas you come across while conducting research. This can help you understand what your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion should include. You can break up your research and writing into smaller tasks when you have an outline. There are outline samples available on the web or you can create your own basic outline by separating your essay into smaller parts.

Write Your Rough Draft and Rewrite as Needed

Once you have a topic selected, research completed, and notes taken that are organized within your outline, you can start writing your draft. It is recommended to write more than one rough draft. Then go back over your content, clean up sentences and paragraphs to make them solid and easier to read. You may need to read over your content a few time and rewrite areas to ensure they make logic sense. Think about your argument and whether you have enough information to support it.

Proofread, Edit and Revise Content

Once you have rewritten your draft and feel your information is in order, you can focus on polishing up its presentation. Look for spelling errors, check grammar, and review punctuation to make sure your paper is presentable.

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