7 Amazing Economic Term Paper Topics

When writing an economics term paper, there are several things you need to do in order to make it a great paper. An amazing topic is one of those things. Once you’ve chosen the perfect topic, you need to pay careful attention to writing style and organizing the paper. These all work together to create a polished finished product. Amazing topic ideas:

  • The impact on developing countries of high-frequency program trading
  • The economic impact on Canada of global warming
  • Should the U.S. impose an obesity tax on sugary drinks?
  • Do higher cigarette taxes have a measurable effect on decreasing childhood smoking rates?
  • Would there have been economic effects to the US if Bush had signed the Kyoto Protocol?
  • What are the economic benefits to a town for building a new sports arena?
  • How does the safety record of SUVs impact the American economy?

When you get really specific with your topic, it not only helps you to laser-focus your term paper, it also makes the topic more enticing and here’s why: take #2 above, for example. If you merely chose your topic to be the economic impact of global warming, you would spend most of your term paper trying to find global statistics and global affects. This would involve so many factors you would soon be lost in the research. Choosing one country, Canada for example because their average temperatures are colder than other countries, you have already narrowed down your research enormously.

Professors look for your ability to analyze past literature using your economic logic, and your ability to recognize problems and formulate a logical method to come to their solution. Your term paper should illustrate that you have mastered some of the knowledge and analytics related to economics. Your writing should show excellent grammar, be journalistic in style and be very clear and concise.

Be very focused on explaining the central theme of your paper. Make sure the reader is clear on what question you are attempting to answer. What is the purpose for your paper? The introduction should tell the reader exactly what is contained in your term paper. The details will be in the body of the paper. Your conclusion should summarize all of your findings. At no point in the reading of the paper should the reader have to ask themselves what your topic is. It should be clearly stated and all evidence should point back to it.

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