Cognitive Learning Styles

Cognitive learning styles refer to aspects of habit individuals develop. Researchers learn about human habits through how a person perceives concepts, problem-solving and how they think about something. These elements all affect how people interact socially with one another. They help distinguish values and attitudes an individual may be influenced by. In short, it is how someone goes about doing something based on knowledge and experience. Some people may need to think about a process before they do it. Others need to visualize the task in order to get started. Then you have those that are visual learners or they work quickly.

There are different styles of learning with visual, auditory and kinesthetic. They are known as common characteristics associated with the learning process of what an individual encounters. There are tests that help people understand which method or style is best for them. With visual style concepts a person may need the assistance of graphs, charts and pictures to help them understand something. They are able to use body language to their advantage and they have better memory. They are often able to remember details better when they are written on paper.

Auditory learning refers to remembering details obtained by speaking or hearing. A person may be able to summarize information into main points after hearing or speaking them. This individual may notice tone or voice pitch when information is spoken. They may concentrate better with music playing in the background when trying to get work completed. Kinesthetic learning style is hands on. This person is more likely to demonstrate how something is done rather that use words or explain. They like to work in groups and have good skills in science and math.

Cognitive learning styles tend to have unique patterns researchers have learned that help people obtain information. Some people need to take breaks often in order to retain what they have learned. There are people that chew gum, stand while working or read out loud as other ways to help them learn. You can use color codes, flash cards and even make a map to assist you. These options can help people understand the type of learning style they use most often. This can make things easier when you learn new things in the future. When defining your style of learning it can make the process more enjoyable with meaning.

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